Frequently Asked Questions

  • How well does the Flock Off system work?
  • How do I get it Installed?
  • Where is the Flock Off system Available?
  • How does the Flock Off System work?

    The Flock Off System disrupts the migratory physiology of birds with a tuned, electromagnetic field felt only by birds.  The electromagnetic field disrupts a key protein and other receptors in the birds’ bodies that are used to navigate.  This momentarily halts their ability to judge speed, direction and distance.  The birds experience what humans might feel as “vertigo” within 5 – 6 feet of the Flock Off System and leave the area as quickly as possible.

  • Does the Flock Off System interfere with other electronic, communications or electrical systems?

    No.  The Flock Off System does not emit any radio frequency or ultrasound waves. The Flock Off System creates an electromagnetic field via an oscillator that operates at 120 hertz in the audio frequency spectrum. The antenna signal is omnidirectional and creates a field of approximately 5 -6 feet. The Flock Off System has Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification meeting requirements for compliance certification in the USA (FCC) and Europe (CE).

  • Does the Flock Off System harm birds or any other animals?

    No.  The Flock Off System does not harm birds as it only temporarily affects their navigational ability while near the electromagnetic field created by the system.  The Flock Off System does not harm humans or any other animals at all.

  • How big is the Flock Off System?

    The Flock Off System includes a reactor which is approximately 11 cm x 14 cm that generates electromagnetic pulses via stainless steel wire or flexible cable wrapped around capacitors approximately 6.3 cm high by 2.5 cm wide.  One reactor will serve to create a field covering approximately 600 linear feet.  The Flock Off System is very low profile and unobtrusive.  It utilizes typical household current (110/220 volts).

  • Where can the Flock Off System be installed?

    The Flock Off System can be installed most anywhere.  Restaurants, stadiums, warehouses, billboards, homes, office buildings, hotels and many other structures have had the Flock Off System installed.

  • Who installs the Flock Off System?

    Contact Flock Off for installation questions.  We can install it for you, provide training so you can install it yourself, or refer you to an authorized distributor/installer.

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