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How to Keep Birds Off Billboards – Bird Deterrent

Leslie Wescott
Unfortunately, pest birds love to roost and make a nice little home for themselves out of billboards, signage and awnings.  It provides them with the perfect vantage point to see predators from far away, as well as spot food sources to feed from.  You can almost always count on a fo…

Safety and Health Risks of Bird Droppings – Pest Birds

Sara Larson
When it comes to birds, there may be more than just avian flu to be worried about. It has been suggested that there are over 60 other diseases infected birds and their droppings can carry. The Real Safety & Health Risk of Bird Droppings Birds and their droppings can pose a serious…

How to Keep Birds Off of Homes and Businesses – Pigeon Abatement

Dan Lynch
Many people don’t think of birds as pests other than bird droppings on their car or patio furniture. However, birds can be quite destructive causing millions of dollars in property damage every year. Maybe even more surprising is that they are a source of several diseases. Let’s take a closer…

Pest Birds receive a Day at the Cleaners – Bird Problems

Mike Bernal
Real Bird Problems are Real. Really Real. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.   Bird Control for Pest Bird Problems As we’ve begun to introduce customers to bird control techniques and the Flock Off technology, we’ve had NO SHORTAGE of stories about massive and m…

How to Remove Bird Poop – Bird Abatement

Rolie Calzadilla
The most common Google search results that start with: “how to remove bird” are related to how to clean bird poop off their cars, and this is no coincidence.  We Americans love our cars and when we see several nasty bird feces stains, slowly etching their way through the layers of clearc…

Pigeon Deterrents

Mike Price
When people ask me what I do and I explain I’m in the bird control industry, they always respond with how interesting and pretty birds can be. I then explain to them how I only get to deal with a few ‘pest bird’ species and that the number one pest bird I’ve dealt with in my 20+ years in the ind…

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The easiest way to keep birds away, is to let them relocate themselves.

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