About Flock Off

Flock Off has been successfully installed on 10,000+ structures including commercial, residential, agricultural, billboards, signal towers, solar panels, sports venues, utilities, etc. The Flock Off system is exclusively available in the USA through Flock Off, LLC, manufactured by Pigeons Out Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos Eletrônicos, National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) No. 29.017.975/0001-04, state registration No. 637.429.380-118.

A Scientific Revolution in Bird Abatement

Conceived by a quantum physicist in 2009, and developed by experts in Ornithology and Entomology, Flock Off uses applied science to disrupt the actual migratory physiology of birds with a tuned, electromagnetic pulse, only felt by birds.

When birds fly near, Flock Off disrupts a key protein in their bodies used to navigate. It affects mineral crystals present their beaks and wave receptors in their ears, eyes, and brain.  This momentarily halts their ability to judge speed, direction, and distance. The birds experience what humans might feel as “vertigo” within 5 feet of the system…AND simply cannot land.

Unlike spikes, nets, poisons, electrified wire, plastic owls, lasers and noisemakers, Flock Off ACTUALLY works.  It is harmless to the birds, harmless to humans and harmless to other animals. It is aesthetically pleasing, silent, low-profile and engineered for durability in all environments. One Flock Off system will protect up to 600 linear feet of structure.

With Flock Off, Birds humanely and naturally relocate themselves!

Safe & Humane

The operation frequency of Flock off affects virtually all problem birds! The system does not emit problematic radio frequency (RF) nor ultrasound waves. It operates at 120 HERTZ, in the audio frequency (AF) spectrum. This frequency is converted into an electromagnetic pulse and is not audible or harmful in any way and will not cause interference with electrical, electronic, communications or other systems. Birds are NEVER harmed by Flock Off.

Proven Green & Efficient

Flock Off was recently studied by the University of Arizona. Their published findings show a virtually 100% efficacy rate for bird abatement while simultaneously doing NO harm to the birds. Flock Off is a 100% GREEN solution!

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Power Supply

  • Weatherproof durability
  • Generates electromagnetic pulses transported via stainless steel cable (Flats of 0.45mm or 0.60mm) or flexible cable (1mm), conducting electric pulses to the capacitors. These pulses, when potentiated, can form an electromagnetic barrier at a low frequency of . Size: sealed cabinet 11cm x 14cm
  • AC 110/220 Volts
  • Power Consumption: 25 Watts
  • Output Frequency: 120Hz


UV-Resistant Polypropylene material with the correct impedance to generate magnetic pulse.

Screw On

PP (Polypropylene) material, with galvanized steel plate support for fixing and grounding, double washers, M5 screw 0,80X40MA and hex nut

Clip On

Indicated for attaching to trusses (U-beam) and or other applicable surfaces. PP (Polypropylene) material, with a stainless steel plate support for fixing and grounding, galvanized steel double washers, M5 screw 0.80x40MA, and hexagonal nut.


  • PP (Polypropylene) material
  • Capacitor is fitted with a 2-inch magnet for adhesion to ferromagnetic surfaces.
  • 65lb pull force.

Spring & Ring

  • Stainless steel rings, 316L alloy steel, resistant to high corrosion levels, used to interconnect the steel wire when passing through the capacitors.
  • Extension spring hooks, 1mm, spirals, 316L stainless steel, used for connections between rings and capacitors to tension the stainless steel wire preventing contact to any part of the cover and providing the proper rigidity of the circuit.

Stainless Steel Wire

  • Durable with minimal corrosion
  • 316 Stainless steel wire, 0.45 mm Gauge, polished 650 to 750 N/mm2 resistance, for electromagnetic conduction with approximately 350m on each reel, on the 500g (0.45mm) and on the 900g (0.60mm).


The Flock Off system has received Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification, meeting requirements for compliance in the USA (FCC) as well as Europe (CE). CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE No.18-IEx-1084.199; Test Report from Laboratório de Equipamentos Elétricos e Ópticos do Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas. (ITP – Laboratory of Electrical and Optical Equipment of the Technological Research Institute).

How Can We Help?

The easiest way to keep birds away, is to let them relocate themselves.

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