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Works for all pest birds
Creating a world class bird solution for:

The Flock Off System is a revolutionary, high-tech and humane solution to stop birds from landing on structures IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY. Flock Off can help eliminate the costs, risks, health hazards and damage caused by birds, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

What it is

The Flock Off System

The Flock Off System is the best solution for your bird exclusion needs. It is capable of reducing up to 100% of the nuisance caused by birds. It does not use chemicals, poison or traps, rendering it Environmentally Friendly.

It can be used for commercial buildings, residences, industries, billboards, and more.

How it works


Migratory and territorial birds utilize an internal GPS system connected to a protein production in their eyes that allows them to “see” directionally through earth’s latitudinal and longitudinal gridlines.

Flock Off affects this process, creating an Electromagnetic “force field” around any structure that causes birds to simply find it impossible to land.

Invisible to humans, this barrier appears to birds as “fireworks” ON/AROUND the surface of their target landing zone. They WILL NOT LAND and will divert elsewhere, FOREVER.

Flock Off Delivers this proven technology.

What kinds of birds are affected?

The Flock Off System repels all pest birds.

All migratory and territorial birds use an internal GPS system to navigate through the world. The Flock Off System affects that internal system, so anything from pigeons to starlings will avoid the field created by the installed device. So whether you’re having to deal with seagulls near the ocean, pigeons in the city, or raptors in the middle of the country, the Flock Off System is a humane and effective solution to prevent all types of pest birds from causing any more problems.

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How Flock Off Works