What is the Most Effective Bird Deterrent for Billboards?

By Leslie Wescott

Birds are beautiful, smart creatures that play a very important role in our ecosystem.  There is no denying that.  Walking at the park, taking a stroll on the beach, or even just looking through your window to your backyard.  Birdwatching is a fascinating hobby. However, you may not want those same beautiful creatures perching on your billboards.

Birds are known to cause serious damage to billboards.  They will poke holes in vinyl copy and use vinyl pieces to nest.  If the birds find their way into the head-plate, that potentially can turn into a very expensive problem to fix.  Their feces are also highly acidic and will cause serious erosion over time. 

Not only will birds physically cause damage to billboards but they will also require re-occurring maintenance costs that add up quickly. (Pressure washing, man hours to clean the vinyl, cleaning of bird pans, etc.).

Pest birds have been a major issue that the Out of Home industry has faced since the very beginning. Solutions have come and gone but they never seem to stick, or they’re overpriced and not effective. Birds are highly smart creatures and can adapt very easily which is why most solutions in the past have only been temporary.  The bird has continued to outsmart them.   

Additionally, you want your bird deterrent solution to be very low profile.  Most solutions in the past have been intrusive and not ideal for the advertising world where protecting your brand is everything.

I know I have personally heard from well-known veterans in the industry recently and they can all vouch that birds have been causing headaches for years and years and nobody has quite been able to solve for this problem, until now.

The Flock Off Solution has proven success and is the ideal bird deterrent solution for the Out of Home industry.  It is 100% humane, effective, and permanent.  It is low profile and aesthetically pleasing to the point where you won’t even know it is there. The installation is extremely minimal and can be successfully installed by a trained two-man crew within an average of two hours.

How is Flock Off different than spikes, spinners, fake owls, electric tracks, and ultrasonic bird repellants?

Flock Off utilizes technology that can tap into a bird’s physiology using an electromagnetic pulse that prevents birds from landing and humanely re-directs them safely back to nature.  Since we are affecting a bird’s physiology, as opposed to a tactile approach, this makes it impossible for them to adapt. 

After making such a substantial investment, you want to make sure that it is taken good care and able to create a successful stream of revenue for years to come.  It can be devastating to watch a flock of birds decide to create a home inside your billboard, nesting right into the stringers, defecating and quickly deteriorating your asset. 

Flock Off would love to help you protect those assets and prevent bird damage, once and for all.

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The easiest way to keep birds away, is to let them relocate themselves.

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