How to Keep Birds Off Billboards – Bird Deterrent

By Leslie Wescott

Unfortunately, pest birds love to roost and make a nice little home for themselves out of billboards, signage and awnings.  It provides them with the perfect vantage point to see predators from far away, as well as spot food sources to feed from. 

You can almost always count on a food source being nearby if you are facing challenges with birds! The five most common pest birds are Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Seagulls, and Geese.   

Why is it a Problem if Birds are Roosting on your Billboard? 

Bird feces is the main root of the problem here. 

Aside from it being less than desirable aesthetically, bird feces are extremely acidic and will cause severe corrosion over time to substances such as paint, concrete, roof coatings and metal.  It will quickly eat through a coat of wax and etch paint. 

Should you install Bird Netting, Spikes, Gel, or another Technology to Scare Birds Away?

Birds can easily roost within nooks and crannies, causing irreparable damage.  Having birds on your billboards without any visual deterrents will significantly decrease the life of the asset.  It can also create a dangerous environment for employees, exposing them to risk as well as Histoplasmosis*.

There are a variety of bird deterrents and bird control methods on the market meant to deter pest birds before your billboard or building is covered in bird droppings. Some of these include visual bird deterrents, bird spikes, bird traps, or a type of bird barrier to keep birds away.

If you are able to deter birds before they set up shop with nesting materials and bird nests, you’re able to discourage birds before they settle and create a bigger bird problem.  

*Definition of Histoplasmosis: A type of lung infection caused by inhaling fungus Histoplasma capsulatum spores. These are found in birds and bat droppings. Usually, many people remain without symptoms but with a weak immune system, they develop serious problems.

A Step-By-Step Guide on What to Do if you have Pest Birds on your Billboards:

before and after bird deterrent system installed by Flock Off to keep the birds off billboard

1. Determine what kind of pest bird and their habits.

Is the pest bird roosting or nesting? (The difference: Simply put, a nest is a constructed space in which birds can sit or squat, while a roost is a perch, which a bird must grip to sit on. Nests and roosts are both used for sleeping and sheltering from predators, but only a nest can be used to incubate eggs). 

2. Assess the location site.          

  • Is this location static or digital?  If static, how often is the copy being changed?
  • Is this a high traffic/high value location?
  • Is there a lease at risk due to bird challenges?
  • Could a bird solution help resolve and build a better relationship with the landowner? 
  • Could you possibly leverage a better rate if this site was pest bird-free?

3. Determine Costs of Maintenance Upkeep.

  • How often does this site need to be pressure washed? 
  • How often will I need to change a copy due to pest bird feces?
  • If using bird pans, how many times a year will you need to clean?

4. Assess Risk Factors.

  • Are employees at risk?
  • Are bird pans at risk of rotting/and or rusting out on the structure?

5. Research and determine which bird deterrent solution is best suited to your needs.

In the past, the OOH industry has used owls, snakes, spikes, nets, and electronic sound repellers, none of which are permanent.  The Flock Off Solution is the newest and most innovative bird deterrent with proven success specifically for billboards and is 100% effective and permanent.

6. Clean the Location

Do not skip this step! Old bird feces will entice the birds to try to come back.  They see the droppings and are reassured this is a “safe place to land since they’ve been there before”.  You want a clean slate before implementing any new bird deterrent.

7. Install and Bye Bye birds!

The best way to repel birds quickly and prevent bird damage is to prevent birds from landing at all.  For more information, please visit  To learn more about this article’s content, please reach out to your direct Flock Off representative, Leslie Wescott. Contact information below.

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The easiest way to keep birds away, is to let them relocate themselves.

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