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Pest Birds receive a Day at the Cleaners – Bird Problems

By Mike Bernal

Real Bird Problems are Real. Really Real. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  

Bird Control for Pest Bird Problems

As we’ve begun to introduce customers to bird control techniques and the Flock Off technology, we’ve had NO SHORTAGE of stories about massive and multi-year bird infestations.  Most common pest birds can be difficult to irradiate with typical pest management solutions. Once a bird problem begins, it simply won’t end on its own.  We encounter many a client/prospect at their wit’s end.  

Bird Species Wreak Havoc on Local Dry Cleaner:     

A prominent and successful dry cleaner reached out to their local pest management professionals about how to deter birds at their largest and busiest location. The building has a canopied drop-off/pick up area typical at any number of dry cleaners (You can see it, right?).

As patrons, we probably don’t pay much attention to our surroundings while we make that quick stop to claim our laundry…unless…unless you must shuffle through piles of the bird feces and nesting materials of common pest birds in orders to get to your clean clothes. 

Bird Droppings Despite Spikes

That is the bird problem.  The canopy is inundated with nesting birds and bird droppings, all roosting in the bird spikes and chicken wire previously installed to keep them out.  Despite business’ best intentions, common pest control meant to eradicate feral pigeons, such as installing bird netting and removing any objects that could be used as bird feeders, often leave much to be desired.

The owner of the dry cleaner laments the time and dollars spent over the last few years to address the pest birds that never leave and continue to inundate their business with pest bird droppings despite all the efforts.  

Technology to fight Bird Infestation

Flock Off is in a category of its own.  The technology affects bird physiology.  Birds never adapt to the system and will relocate themselves, always without harm.

With this advancement, business owners can humanely rid their structures of bird problems once and for all with an aesthetically pleasing, low-profile, and highly effective product that can be installed easily and will drastically outperform other solutions. 

Patron safety, employee safety, risk management and protection of assets are all improved!