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Do Bird Deterrents Work?

By Leslie Wescott
The simple answer is yes. Fascinating as birds may be, they are also a nuisance jeopardizing our health, property and everyday activities. Whether they build nests in gutters, soil every surface they touch, or eat our crops, birds cause a range of problems that are disruptive to our daily liv…

Bird Abatement: A Humane and Effective Solution to Bird-Human Conflicts

By Wyatt Chambers
Birds are one of the most fascinating and beautiful creatures in the world, with their chirps, songs, and graceful movements filling our skies and environments. However, as much as we appreciate these winged wonders, birds can also pose a problem for humans. They can cause damage to crops, build…

Cockatoo Problems Solved With Flock Off

By Les Comans
Flock Off effectively solved our pest bird challenges on multiple billboard locations. They were there every step of the way to ensure it was a success.  Here in Australia, we had Cockatoos damaging our digital billboards.  We had tried an array of bird deterrent solutions prior to …

What is the Most Effective Bird Deterrent for Billboards?

By Leslie Wescott
Birds are beautiful, smart creatures that play a very important role in our ecosystem.  There is no denying that.  Walking at the park, taking a stroll on the beach, or even just looking through your window to your backyard.  Birdwatching is a fascinating hobby. However, you may n…

How to Keep Birds Off Billboards – Bird Deterrent

By Leslie Wescott
Unfortunately, pest birds love to roost and make a nice little home for themselves out of billboards, signage and awnings.  It provides them with the perfect vantage point to see predators from far away, as well as spot food sources to feed from.  You can almost always count on a fo…

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